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Selling or Advertising a Home or Airbnb in Hillsborough County?

Are you planning on moving soon? Are you a realtor assisting your clients in selling their Hillsborough County property on the market? Or are you looking to advertise your Hillsborough County home on Airbnb?

With more people moving to Florida, the state’s real estate industry is constantly growing. This causes an increase in demand and an increase in housing prices. Additionally, the state is also seeing more Airbnbs as more tourists come down on a seasonal basis. If your client’s home wants to take a dip into the highly competitive housing market or look appealing to potential tourists, the best first step to take is advertising.

This process usually includes displaying the home or Airbnb online through a specific Real Estate or travel website (such as Zillow or the Airbnb application). The best way to appeal to people is to make the property look attractive to those who may want to buy or rent for a few days.

So, the question is, how can you make an average home appear more attractive to the average tourist or buyer compared to other Florida properties?

Image of Living Room and Balcony of Hillsborough County, FL Shot by a Real Estate Photographer
Design Element for Tampa Home Photos Site - Real Estate Photographer in Tampa
Kitchen of Hillsborough County House Photographed by a Real Estate Photographer

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

In the world of real estate, it’s easy to brag about how many rooms a home may have. In the hospitality industry, it’s easy to explain how many amenities that an Airbnb may contain. However, as funny as this is, most people prefer looking at pictures.

Great high-quality pictures can physically show people the features that they can expect within a home or Airbnb. It is also a great strategy in connecting to a specific part of the brain that words cannot attain, therefore swaying their decision into touring or reserving your property. However, capturing your property in its best light is a lot harder than it looks. Similar to how models apply makeup before photo sessions, it’s best to prepare your property in advance.

In addition, you want to capture the best features of a home in the proper angles that enhance its uniqueness. With that being said, you may benefit from hiring a professional real estate photographer for your needs.

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Les Hein Of Tampa Home Photos Provides Photography Services Throughout Hillsborough County

Les Hein of Tampa Home Photos is a professional real estate photographer who provides a variety of photography services to homes and Airbnbs throughout Hillsborough County.

Although his experience extends to weddings and family portraits, Les has always had a passion for capturing the beauty of homes. Today, he only provides photography services within Florida’s real estate industry. Les captures all areas of your property from the interior, exterior and aerial views.

Prior to your photo session, the home or Airbnb’s interior must be thoroughly prepared with deep-cleaned rooms, window shades opened (for proper lighting), and all clutter and extra items stowed away. To capture the exterior, all vehicles must be removed from the area and the lawn must be properly mowed and edged. From there, the session will begin with a smooth process.

Photo of Dining Room and Staircase in Hillborough County Captured by a Real Estate Photographer
Design Element for Tampa Home Photos Site - Real Estate Photographer in Tampa
Cozy Bedroom Photographed by a Real Estate Photographer in Hillsborough County

Beautiful Home Photos To Attract Potential Buyers

Making a good first impression is vital while selling a home or listing it on Airbnb. This is why it’s extremely important that the photos that are listed are attention grabbing.

From the beauty of your kitchen, the landscape of your front yard, your pool adjacent to a beautiful sunset, or the wonderful features of your living room, we’ll ensure that all areas of the Hillsborough County home and Airbnb will be captured perfectly.

If you’re in need of a real estate photographer in Hillsborough County, contact Les Hein of Tampa Home Photos at (813) 897-1333 or email for package rates.

"Tampa Home Photos does impressive, high quality work! I am always highly impressed and they exceed my expectations every time! They are also great with communication and give the best customer service. I highly recommend this company for your photography needs!"

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