Find A Professional Matterport Photographer in Tampa Bay to Boost Your Listings & Visual Marketing Appeal

What is Matterport Photography?

In the world of photography, Matterport is described as the standard for 3D space capture. Its features assist in making interior and exterior photos appear more immersive. If you’re a real estate agent assisting a client, a homeowner looking to sell a Tampa Bay home, or an Airbnb host, Matterport Photography is a useful tool to enhance your photo listings and build your visual marketing appeal.

When advertising a property in Florida’s competitive real estate and hospitality industry, it’s important to be able to appeal to potential buyers and renters. What is it about the home that stands out? Do you look at your listing photos and feel confident that the property will garner enough offers in order to sell in a timely manner? Or could you imagine relaxing in this Airbnb for an entire weekend? If the answer is no to any of these questions, it may be time to enhance your marketing strategies and real estate listings.

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Hire A Matterport Photographer to Enhance Your Photo Listings

Have you ever researched a home or hotel in Google Maps and found various results for street views? This was likely captured using Matterport Photography. Seeing the entire home or building provides a clearer “picture” of how they may live or spend their vacation. Therefore, this tool is extremely beneficial and can help your clients to draw the attention of buyers and sell at a faster pace.

If you’re interested in investing the time and money to enhance the property’s listing photos, finding a professional Matterport real estate photographer in Tampa Bay is crucial to receiving the best results. A Matterport real estate photographer has proper knowledge of angles, lighting, camera modes, and many more. The question is, where can a professional Matterport photographer in Tampa Bay be found?

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Les Hein of Tampa Home Photos Provides Matterport Photography Services Throughout Tampa Bay

Based in Wesley Chapel, Florida, Les Hein of Tampa Home Photos is an experienced Matterport photographer and services real estate agents, homeowners, and Airbnb hosts throughout Tampa Bay.

Initially, Les kicked off his photography business by doing small shoots for wedding events and family portraits. However, after building his portfolio, he decided to focus primarily on his passion for Florida’s real estate industry. Today, he works hard assisting realtors and homeowners in Tampa Bay to capture the best features of homes for listings and stronger marketing strategies.

Along with Matterport photography, Les has extensive knowledge in aerial drone footage, videography, interior photography, exterior photography, and many more.

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Cozy Living Room Captured by a Tampa-based Matterport Photographer

Feel Proud to Showcase Your Property!

Depending on the size, individual scans with a Matterport camera should take approximately 30 seconds to capture a whole property. Following your scheduled photography session, clients will get the chance to review all photos and decide which ones they would like to list on Zillow or Airbnb.

Then, all you need to do is sit back and watch all of the tour booking requests flood into your email. As an Airbnb host, this may also significantly improve your revenue and income for your Airbnb business.

If you’re looking for a professional real estate photographer to do Matterport photography for your Tampa Bay home or Airbnb,  contact Les Hein of Tampa Home Photos at (813) 897-1333 or email tampahomephotos@gmail.com for package rates.

"LLes did an amazing job taking pictures of my last design project. I highly recommend him."

- Silvia B.

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