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Make Your Airbnb Stand Out

If you’re a brand new Airbnb host, there are a few things that need to be prepared before having guests stay over. First, the property needs to be freshly cleaned and prepped. Afterward, one needs to figure out a way to attract the attention of Tampa Bay tourists and travelers. For most new hosts, the latter tends to be the most difficult out of the two.

It’s not uncommon for newer Airbnb hosts to attempt to photograph their place as a means to save money, however, this tactic isn’t extremely strong if you wish to make a full-time income. To truly attract tourists to your Airbnb, the trick is to invest in strong visual marketing and advertising. This means that if you wish to make your Airbnb stand out above the rest, it’s essential to provide high-quality images of your Airbnb for a stronger appeal.

Aerial Image of an Airbnb in Tampa, Florida Taken by a Local Real Estate Photographer
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Cozy Bedroom Photographed by an Airbnb Photographer Serving Tampa, Florida

An Airbnb Photographer Can Capture Your Space!

Ever look at everyone else’s Airbnb listing and think, “How did their pictures come out so good?” However, every single time you try to capture it with your point-and-shoot it never seems to come out the same. Why is that? Are you doing something wrong? The answer: No…and yes!

It’s not exactly you that’s the issue, but instead the camera and your choice to capture the photos yourself. Comparatively, many long-term Airbnb hosts invest time and money in a professional Airbnb photographer. Therefore, images come out with great lighting, good angles, and high-definition (HD). These images help to build a strong visual appeal, thus increasing the interest of potential guests and tourists in the Tampa Bay area.

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Les Hein of Tampa Home Photos is a Professional Airbnb Photographer in Tampa Bay

If you’re looking for an affordable, yet professional Airbnb photographer local to the Tampa Bay area, there isn’t one too far away. Les Hein of Tampa Home Photos has experience shooting various real estate properties and Airbnbs throughout the city of Tampa.

At the beginning of his photography career, Les did shoots for family portraits and wedding events before selecting the real estate and hospitality industry as his niche and passion. Today, his portfolio provides extensive experience in exterior property shoots, interior shoots, Matterport photography, virtual tours, videography, and many more. In addition, his a la carte service costs and package rates are pretty affordable for the average Airbnb host or homeowner.

Image of a Sofa in a Tampa Property Taken by a Photographer Specializing on Airbnb Listings
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Decors in an Airbnb in Tampa, FL Photographed by a Professional Real Estate Photographer

Beautiful Photos For Your Airbnb Listing

With Les’ good eye for finding the proper angles, lighting, and camera tools to capture your Airbnb, your photos will come out beautiful and appealing for your listings. Prior to your scheduled photography session, it’s highly recommended that your Airbnb is well-prepped and cleaned in all areas. This means no clutter, all loose items hidden, and vehicles in the garage with the door down or completely out of frame.

The moment that you post your listing on Airbnb, you’ll notice a significant difference in the amount of interest and scheduled bookings that you receive. Then, watch as your Airbnb business kicks off the ground in Tampa Bay.

If you’re in need of a professional Airbnb photographer in Tampa Bay, contact Les Hein of Tampa Home Photos at (813) 897-1333 or email for package rates.

"Les did a wonderful job taking photographs of two of my listings recently. He is very responsive and cares about his clients and their sellers. You can tell he takes pride in the quality of work and customer service he gives his customers. I am very happy with Tampa Home Photos and highly recommend this business for your next photo shoot!"

- Page J.

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